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What is espaZio magazine?

espaZio magazine is the first independent and international magazine intended to report news and information about applications, designs, products, projects and materials related to the world of textile architecture, sun-shading and marquees.

Who is it addressed to?

espaZio magazine is addressed to the following markets:

  • Textile architecture and light structures design specialists
  • Architects and engineers
  • Technical textile manufacturers
  • Specialised textile machinery manufacturers
  • Awning and marquee manufacturers
  • Thread and fibre manufacturers
  • Sling manufacturers
  • Universities, associations and public institutions.
  • Construction companies
  • Project management companies
  • Landscape architects
  • ... and many others!

What contents will you find in it?

Projects: Detailed studies of projects which use techniques, products, technology or applications within the fields of textile architecture, marquees and solar protection in architecture.

Green: A platform from which to show how the people, companies and products from the sector are indispensible when working for causes such as recycling, ecology, third world, environment, natural disasters, wars, etc.

Technical: Includes analysis, investigation, studies, new technologies, discoveries, new applications within the market.

News: News from the sector, including production news, fairs and events, new regulations and laws implemented and awards for excellence or competitions within the sector.

Art: Much of the work carried out with textile architecture, be it tensed or inflatable can be considered as works of art. Decoration and interior design will be key elements in this section.

Interview: Interview with key people within the sector.

Report: Less technical matters which help to broaden the circulation of subjects included in the magazine.

Books: Book reviews by specialists on the subject.

Alternative: The importance of technical textiles in agriculture, building, marine, industry, and others.

How are the contents presented?

espaZio has been designed bearing in mind the highly visual aspect of its content material.

Technical specifications

Frequency: 5 times a year (February, April, June, September and November)

Language: Bilingual Spanish-English

Distribution: International

Size: 200 x 275 mm

How can I subscribe?

Easy! Just click here and subscribe in 60 seconds. Prices are Europe €59 / Rest of the world €69. And remember, advertisers and contributors get their subscription free.

Is there an offer?

There are two!

Two years for the price of one. Subscribe for one year, and we'll give you a second year free! You need do nothing to take advantage of this. We've simply upgraded all of our subscription packages to two years -- without changing the price!

Free subscription. Bring us a subscription and get yours free. To get your free subscription make sure the subscriber you refer, after filling in the PayPal form, clicks on “Please include special instructions here”, and fills in your name and address just before he or she clicks the pay button.

Why the slogan “Create, protect, design and build with textiles”?

The works published in espaZio magazine contain extremely creative design elements, have been conceived with the idea of protecting and sheltering and have advanced construction techniques. All of this plus a large dose of imagination, talent and originality.