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espaZio magazine 17 <small>(October/November 2015)</small>

espaZio magazine 17 (October/November 2015)

ReportStructural Membranes 2015
ProjectsTensairity Pavillions

espaZio magazine 16 <small>(August/September 2015)</small>

espaZio magazine 16 (August/September 2015)

ReportMembrane Structures in the world, India
ProjectsSELF/LESS, an Oscar-winning project
ProjectThe Tower of light

espaZio magazine 15 <small>(June/July 2015)</small>

espaZio magazine 15 (June/July 2015)

ReportMembrane Structures in the world, China
ProjectsExpo Milan 2015, universal tensile structures
ReportTextile Roofs 2015, two decades of tensile structures
BookMembrane structures for architecture

espaZio magazine 14 <small>(April/May 2015)</small>

espaZio magazine 14 (April/May 2015)

Textile-Architektur NetworkTextile-Architektur at Techtextil and Textile Roofs
ReportMembrane structures in the world: North America
ProjectsTradition and modernity united in geometry / Three hundred and fifty shades of Google
InterviewInterview with Christine Otto
Sustainable IdeasRolling Lights, the flexible light for textile architecture / Think globally, act locally

espaZio magazine 13 <small>(Feb/Mar 2015)</small>

espaZio magazine 13 (Feb/Mar 2015)

ResearchThe mother of all Membranes
TEXTILE-ARCHITEKTUR NETWORKSecond announcement: 4th Special Show Textile-Architektur, Frankfurt
ReportMembrane structures in the world: Latin America, By Roberto Santomauro / 5th Tensile Structure Design Competition
ProjectsAll the world's a stage...that glows / Pneumatic wall with Zero footprint
BooksThe way to find the form

espaZio magazine 12 <small>(Nov/Dec 2014)</small>

espaZio magazine 12 (Nov/Dec 2014)

Textile-Architektur NetworkThird special show Textile-Architektur at BAU Munich
ExpertWho's who in the tensile structure sector
EventsIASS-Slte 2014
ProjectsUnder the protective skin / Artistic habitat / Final destination, Serpentine / A new icon for the city / Deep Blue See
BooksAtopic architecture and membrane structures

espaZio magazine 11 <small>(Sep 2014)</small>

espaZio magazine 11 (Sep 2014)

Textile-Architektur NetworkEllermann reconstructs vault of an abbey church
WorkshopsTextile Roofs 2014
ProjectsThe Tiger kingdom / Planet of the Apes (x-Tended version) / An "air conditioning" shelter / Weaving a Home / The first impression is unique / Invisible Structures / Chalices of inspiration / Beyond a shadow of a doubt

espaZio magazine 10 <small>(June 2014)</small>

espaZio magazine 10 (June 2014)

TEXTILE-ARCHITEKTUR NETWORKTextil Bau: "Fisht Olympia stadium" in Sochi
ExpertDos and Don'ts of Textile Architecture
ProjectsFascination and function of Textile Ribbon Façades / Size matters / Textile temples to football / Architecture with rhythm / Dramatic graduation / Pure tension

espaZio magazine Handbook 2015

espaZio magazine Handbook 2015

2015 yearbook of the textile architecture and solar protection industry. // Anuario 2015 del sector de la arquitectura textil y la protección solar.

espaZio magazine 8 <small>(Feb 2014)</small>

espaZio magazine 8 (Feb 2014)

TEXTILE-ARCHITEKTUR NETWORKTextile-architektur at deaubaukom, Essen
ExpertTents: nomadic architecture
ProjectsThe moving school / Organic curves in luxurious harmony / Nests 3.0 / Wings for the land of the raising sun / Legend of the lost pearl / Desert sand shades / Tensile art touches down / The creator is in Uzbekistan / Reduce, recycle and reuse / Ladies and gentlemen... / 1, 2, 3... splash! / A high-flying roof / Eros snow globe

espaZio magazine 9 <small>(April 2014)</small>

espaZio magazine 9 (April 2014)

ExpertTeaching tensile Architecture
ProjectsA membrane from university research / Done with the wind / And the roof goes to... / Water well treated / A Micro-jungle in Denmark / Covers of the seas / Event Horizon

espaZio magazine 7 <small>(Oct 2013)</small>

espaZio magazine 7 (Oct 2013)

TEXTILE-ARCHITEKTUR NETWORK2nd symposium textile-architektur, Düsseldorf
ExpertWire ropes and fittings for textile architecture
InterviewHorst Dürr: "Tennect is a perfect solution"
ProjectsThe art of healing / Organic and robust / Magic façade or a giant screen? / Wendy goes to Abu Dhabi / Tensile structures "in fashion" / Legend of the lost pearl / Inspiring pinwheel / Dressing up buildings...and more

espaZio magazine 6 <small>(July/Aug 2013)</small>

espaZio magazine 6 (July/Aug 2013)

TEXTILE-ARCHITEKTUR NETWORKTextil-Architektur at Techtextil
ProjectsFaith in tensile structures / Sustainable vision / Iconic sun shades / Bedouin tents in the Australian desert / Warm and cozy over a frozen river / Covers from cloud nine / An earth trembling exhibition / Twist and shout / Skating in the wind / First "warm" tennis court in Ukraine / Olympic swimming Pool / "Pavilion", a tensile sculpture

espaZio magazine 5 <small>(May 2013)</small>

espaZio magazine 5 (May 2013)

ReportSoftware for tensile structures / The advantages of tensile structures
ProjectsToday For Tomorrow / Where flying fishes play / Unusual shapes near the sea / An "haute couture" stadium / Removable Membranes / Eye catcher for a monastery / An elegant sun filter / Textile cover for a Muse / The beauty of balance / Veils that reveal creativity
ProfileBill Moss, freedom to experiment
IdeasWhen technology meets nature

espaZio magazine 4 <small>(April 2013)</small>

espaZio magazine 4 (April 2013)

HappeningBAU 2013 & textile architecture
ReportArt, decoration and tensile structures
ProjectSails galore / Leafy office views / Creative freedom / Big "art" package / The icing on the cake / The ribbon / Say it with flowers / A tattoo on the horizon / More with less / Temple of light / Transparent roof with photovoltaic cells / Sun protection and natural light

espaZio magazine 3 <small>(Dec 2012)</small>

espaZio magazine 3 (Dec 2012)

HappeningTextile-Architektur at BAU 2013 / Foundation of the Latin American tensile structures network
ExpertWire ropes and fittings for textile architecture
Interviewhorst Dürr: "Tennect is a perfect solution"
ProjectsSustainable school at the foot of the Himalayas / Dramatic dunes / Soundforms: the world's first mobile performance Shell / Acoustic sails for an indoor swimming pool...and more.

espaZio magazine 2 <small>(Oct 2012)</small>

espaZio magazine 2 (Oct 2012)

Projects London 2012Olympic stadium / Aquatics centre / Basketball arena / Velodrome...and more.
ProjectsCastello Ferrara / WildBad / Sun shades for the University of Murcia, Spain / Innovative concepts for modern and sustainable stadiums...and more.
ExpertETFE, material for professionals
ReportETFE, High-quality films for special applications
Sustainable IdeasNew materials

espaZio magazine 1 <small>(June 2012)</small>

espaZio magazine 1 (June 2012)

InterviewFrei Otto, inexhaustible ingenuity
ExpertInnovation and façades
ReportPVC for tensile covers
ResearchSound-absorbing tent structures
BookTextiles in architecture
ProjectsCitius, Altius, Fortius / Textile coverings for an underground aquarium / Impuls / Impact design, speed of execution