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Tradition and modernity united in geometry

Konya City Stadium is the name of one of the most modern sport venues anywhere in Turkey today.

La geometría que une tradición y modernidad

Standing to the north of the city of Konya, it occupies an area of 450,000m2, forming a complex including a multi-sports center, swimming pool and velodrome. It has been designed as a stadium that combines football with recreational activities in the surrounding areas. That is the claim of the architects who have designed it, the Bahadir Kul Architects studio, who add: “The project is not just an architectural design for sport, it is also a meeting place and leisure area that integrates the charming character of the city.”

The stands, on two levels, have been designed in an arc to make it easier to see from any part of the complex. The maximum distance from the furthest seat to the centre of the field of play is 90 meters. Comfort has been one of the key guidelines for the design of this stadium with capacity for 42,000 spectators, as shown by the heaters under the roof of the stadium and also under the turf.


The roof

What really defines Konya stadium is its spectacular roof, unique for a stadium. According to the architect responsible for the works and founder of the firm, Bahadir Kul, “harmonizes the cultural codes of the country with a contemporary structure”.

The codes defining such an unusual design for the arena are those of the Seljuk architectural tradition, which can be seen in many historic buildings in the area, with its distinctive angular geometric shapes. For Kul, this design “is a tribute to the region, its history, its people and its traditions”. The triangles from this tradition and the colors symbolize the city’s team.

Architecturally, the stadium stands out because of its angular outline, constructed based on triangular panels of membrane combined with an interesting lighting system located on the vertices of each triangle, giving an impressive effect. The architect adds that, despite its apparent complexity, this skin “has been constructed very quickly, as the membranes are easy to handle and manufacture”.