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Covers for buildings

According to its creators, Jordi Truco and Sylvia Felipe, it is intended to resolve the deficiencies of the construction sector, which they say has not evolved in the same way as other sectors.


The Dutch city of Eindhoven was flooded with the light of the GLOW festival held there for the past nine years and usually welcoming more than 500,000 visitors.


The new extension to the PHÄNOMENTA Science Center in Lüdenscheid (Germany) will provide the center with 2,000m2 more space, plus a 76-metre-high membrane tower.

Covers for buildings

The building is a new pool added to the Eilat Underwater Observatory in the Eilat Marina Park. The building is called "The Shark Pool" but it has many species of fish on exhibition.

Covers for buildings

The authors of this challenge, Zaha Hadid and Architen Landrell, added a triple membrane layer covering to the existing building with the idea of creating a light-weight and luminous structure that looked attractive from all angles.