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The Nature Concert Hall stage is designed as a work of art unifying the atmosphere of the event held in it using the space, light, video and music.

Covers for buildings

The city of Denver (US) needed a far-reaching renovation of its main railway station, Union Station. An additional aim was to make the station and the whole area, into a new icon for the city.

Public covers

Based on a design by César Azcárate from ACXT-IDOM, the San Mamés stadium, Bilbao, Spain has a 37,500 square metre foil shell.

Ventilation system

Continuing MAP Architects focus on performance and materials, they developed a shelter to test new methods of self-regulated ventilation.

Covers for buildings

This Tokyo based project consisted in creating a structure which would link the east and west towers of the Tokyo Station Yaesu Development Contraction Joint Enterprise building and cover the second floor, shopping centre pedestrian area.