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Here you’ll find videos about textile architecture, solar protection, tents, technical fabrics and much more. If you have a video you’d like to add, just send us an email with the link to the web page the video is found on and confirm that you own the rights to it and give us permission to show it on our site.

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The artist Jens Meyer, known for his installations made with tensile sails, will present his work, transARTlantico. It is a work closely linked to the sea which, as the artist tells us, was conceived when he was sailing from Hamburg to Buenos Aires. Watch

Montaje espectacular de  Anish Kapoor

Spectacular construction from Anish Kapoor

85 m long and 25 m high, Dismemberment: Site 1 comprises a Serge Ferrari composite membrane stretched between two steel ellipses: two identical giant red structures, each weighing nearly 43 tonnes, while the textile weighs a mere 7.2 tonnes. For Anish Kapoor, these tubular sculptures are “colostomy pouches”. 

La torre de la luz

Tower of light

The striking tower on the extension of the PHÄNOMENTA Science Centre in Lüdenscheid has the potential to become a famous landmark and a symbol of architectural and engineering excellence. Watch



SELF / LESS is a big cinema production with a futuristic set build by: Engineering: ArtEngineering GmbH, Dr. Switbert Greiner Design: leichtbaukunst, Dr. Lars Meeß-Olsohn* Lighting: Lexington Europe GmbH* Assembly: Planex Technik in Textil GmbH* * Partners of the Network TEXTILE-ARCHITEKTUR Watch

Shade in a Box

Shade in a Box

System for Membrane and Outdoor providers Watch