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Here you’ll find videos about textile architecture, solar protection, tents, technical fabrics and much more. If you have a video you’d like to add, just send us an email with the link to the web page the video is found on and confirm that you own the rights to it and give us permission to show it on our site.

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Textile architektur en Techtextil'15

Textile architektur at Techtextil'15

The Network Textile-Architektur was at Techtextil'15 with some of its members. Watch

Textile Roofs 2015

Textile Roofs 2015

First day at Textile Roofs 2015 went very well, according to organizers "better than expected". Watch

Estadio Internacional khalifa

Khalifa International Stadium

The expansion scheme of the Khalifa International Stadium (Qatar 2022) will increase the arena’s seating capacity to 40,000, while innovative cooling technology inside the design will ensure an optimum playing temperature of 26 degrees celsius. Watch

The Hyper membrane

La Hiper membrana

The HyperMembrane is a standard system to build and design free-form adaptable structures in architecture. It consists on a system of physical and digital elements able to generate multiple and non-predeterminated shapes, modifiable with regard to different programmatic requirements. Watch

Sede de Bee'ah

Bee'ah Headquarters

Bee’ah, the Middle East’s leading fully integrated environmental and waste management company has commissioned Zaha Hadid Architects to build its new Headquarters building in Sharjah, UAE, following the 2013 international competition. Watch